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Najat Benlemoudden

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Every day, you have many important and strategic decisions to make at the professional level.

Our firm has solid experience and will be able to advise you for better decision-making.

Whether you are looking for a pro to delegate your GST/QST returns, your payroll, PD returns, budget, financial statements and tax returns, bookkeeping or for our advice.

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Improve your profitability and simplify your accounting activities.

What if your accounting stopped being a puzzle?

Entrust us with your accounting and benefit from a highly qualified team that will advise you and answer your questions.

Our meticulous and rigorous service will give you the facts of your financial situation.

Earnings, Expenses, Banking Reconciliation, Current Financial Reporting, Payroll
Payroll services
Payroll Production, Periodic PD Reporting
Tax declaration service TPS/QST
We leave nothing to chance when it comes to preparing the tax declaration to optimize your reports
Account management
Detail of charters of accounts, accounting structures and support for entrepreneurs, profitability analysis
Preparation of tax returns
Tax and estate planning and reorganization
Incorporation, management company, trusts, business acquisition/sale, business transfer.
Fiscal representation with government
Accompaniment and support in the event of tax opposition or others.


To surround yourself well is to perform well!

A company’s taxation is not limited to an annual return as all of your choices and actions have an impact on your bottom line. 

That’s why our experts handle your files accurately and propose different scenarios to help you achieve your business goals and ambitions  

Anticipate and make the right decisions for yourself!


We understand your reality and we are here to support you.

Certification gives credibility to your financial statements and promotes your company’s developement.

It represents work framed by strict and rigorous standards that contribute to the decision-making process.

It includes: compilation, examination and audit.

Most certifications are for E/F (financial statements). We offer also certifications on financial information other than E/F.

Audit engagement
Reasonable assurance that the financial information is free from material misstatement and that such misstatement result from fraud or error.
Review engagement
Assurance with respect to misstatement-free financial information significant that result from fraud or error
Compilation engagement
No assurance on financial information since it is based on data provided by management.
Risk management consulting
Financial analysis, profitability study, we support you to reduce risks
Management consulting
Business transfer planning, retirement planning, support in the transfer process
Transactionnel advice
Risk assessment, needs assessment, strategy development.
Due diligence
An in-depth examination of the company's tax, accounting, legal and operational

Advisory Services

Anticipate to secure your activities!

Our expertise and the variety of our client portfolio allow us to have a global vision to advise you in order to fully contribute to your personal and professional success.

Our experts will be ready to advise you and support you in your decision-making process.

We are the undeniable boost to find the solution to your challenges.